Our progress!

Today is February 21st and Finley and I had our lesson after a week off and it went amazing! Our previous lesson from a week ago we were practicing using my seat to direct him around the arena, so coming back a week later I thought we’d need to do lots of reviewing. But we got it within the first 10 minutes! Then we were able to practice getting lighter aids for up and down transitions, which went smoothly after some practice. Getting a good upward transition is still a little sticky. After we did that we cantered a small portion both leads. After a couple of tries we got the right lead fine, but the left lead took a buck and some encouragement from the whip to get it. At least we still got it! Overall I’m extremely pleased with how Finley acted after being kept in his stall all week and not being ridden. Now we just need to practice that upward transition!


Aubrey and Finley

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“It’s not about a trophy, a placing or a prize. It’s about setting goals and surpassing them. It’s about discipline, dedication, willpower, reaching deep down and finding inner strength that you didn’t even know you had. It’s about structure and putting in the work and following the plan. It’s science and I’m a living experiment. It’s about being better than my former “best” and proving to myself that I can achieve this. That’s why I do it and that’s what it’s all about.”

~Stephanie Wicked